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Each year, GE engineers and scientists celebrate the holidays and the year’s innovations by re-envisioning the design of Santa’s sleigh. This year in honor of 3D Printing Day on December 3rd, GE teamed up with the GrabCAD community to create 3D printed designs for Santa’s sleigh. The four entries above were the top-rated designs. Read more about the challenge on Fast Company

In the 1950s, William H. Sahloff, who ran GE’s housewares division at the time, saw a need to be filled in the American kitchen: the perfect slicing utensil. Sahloff - who had previously conceived of inventions like the electric can opener and the electric toothbrush -  brought his idea for an electric carving knife to GE engineers, who spent five years perfecting the invention. After the innovation debuted in the mid-1960s, sliced turkey never looked the same again in many American households.